The February 2014 Tesco cyber breach was a huge deal in Europe even though a lot of people in America might not have heard of it. Tesco is a grocery store and gas station chain in Great Britain that services millions of customers every day, and there are millions of people with payment information in their system.

The pool of possibly affected consumers numbered in the millions, but thankfully the breach only actually compromised around 2,000 customer account information. The Tesco brand and profile is so large that news spread of the breach in Europe pretty quickly and it concerned a large population of people that knew they had recently frequented a Tesco store. There are a lot of problems with this breach, but the biggest one is that people were caught off guard because they never thought that Tesco would be hacked.
Thankfully, the breach only compromised customers’ passwords, email addresses and reward program balances.

Although the actual size of the breach was relative small compared to others in recent years, the fact that such a large chain like Tesco was breached was a good lesson and set a precedence for other chain stores to make sure they update their security features.

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