Foxy Bingo

When hackers attacked the website Foxy Bingo, they were able to obtain the data of 252,000 accounts, according to I Have Been Pawned. The hackers then sold this data spreading it across the globe. The hackers were able to obtain a lot of personal data about each player including their name, their date of birth, their phone number, their gender and their home address. Hackers were also able to obtain information about the player’s activity on the Foxy Bingo website including their account balance, their user name and how often they went to the site and how long they played.

According to a press release published via IT Pro, Marc Ben-Ezra was indicted for selling data from 404 Gala Coral customers and the Foxy Bingo customers in order to support his own gambling habit. Ben-Ezra was ordered to pay Foxy Bingo’s parent company £1,700 and hand over £830.80 in legal costs, but he had already spent the £25,000 obtained from selling the data.

Foxy Bingo is still a popular website for game playing. According to Foxy Bingo, they currently use software called Brigend which is also owned by Cashcade from Gibraltar.

As always, players should be careful when providing their contact information to companies.

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