MyRepoSpace, a website dedicated to helping users install 3rd party software onto their iOS devices in order to unlock optimum functionality, was the victim of a vicious hack. In July, 2015, myRepoSpace was the target of a massive database attack that resulted in usernames, passwords, email addresses and other pertinent data being stolen. To make matters worse, the attackers dumped all of the information onto the internet as a means of showcasing their skills and how they were able to bypass the security of myRepoSpace admins.

Ethan Arbuckle, also known by his handle ‘its not herpes’, claims that the attack of the website came as a retaliation against the website for failure to meet his demands. The owner of myRepoSpace was hosting pirated tweaks and software that Arbuckle wanted removed from the website. When myRepoSpace failed to do this, Arbuckle took to what he knew best and began to hack the website and steal the database containing all of the user information. Arbuckle, however, was said to have a partner in this attack in HaiFisch (@0x8badfl00d) which allowed them to bypass any security measures that would have thwarted their hacking efforts.

The detailed information pertaining to the hack was well-explained in a comprehensive Reddit post available here. One of the worrying pieces of information contained within the post comes in that not only were user credentials and login information stolen, but so were the IP addresses (a computerized serial address that identifies computers) of the users. This proves to be a dangerous piece of information as a user’s IP address can lead to denial of service attacks and in some rare instances leads to doxxing. Doxxing, in simple terms, allows a hacker to retrieve extremely sensitive information about a target such as their real name, their home address, their social media accounts, their job details, private interest and so forth. Doxxers would then use that information to attack and perhaps blackmail the subject in order to gain monetary compensation or for trolling purposes.

All of this comes to a sad end in that the website has since been removed and shut down for public use. To see the remnants of what used to be myRepoSpace, you can visit their current homepage here.

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