MyVidster, a website that visitors use as a sharing platform for their favorite videos from around the Internet, was hacked in August, 2015. The website indexed millions of visitors and acts as a central hub for videos spanning websites such as YouTube, World Star Hip Hop, Vimeo and many more. New users are encouraged to sign up for an account in order to fully engage in the functionality of the website and use the unique features that MyVidster offers.

However, the private and delicate information that users input as they sign up for an account (email address, username, password, name, etc.) was stolen and leaked from a group of hackers. Data dumping, a popular term used in the hacker community that references sharing information stolen from major websites and organizations, was the way the hackers spread awareness of this particular hack. Some users reported that at the time of the attack, was taken offline to address the data breach that was taking place and to find the extent of the damage.

Th3 J35t3r, a well known hacker and Twitter personality that often references current activity within the security world, was one of the individuals that pointed out the lax security that MyVidster used on their platform. Jester has also made reference to many DDoS (denial of service) attacks that have taken place against large organizations such as Visa and Mastercard in recent years.

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