Cyber attacks has been a common occurrence in the recent years, and according to, a website detailing which webpages have been breached,, which is a torrent tracking website based out of Slovakia, is another victim of yet another cyber attack. reported that around 117,000 records of email addresses, passwords, and usernames were leaked. One of the major flaw that the site had was that all of the data that was breached in stored as plain text instead of using some kind of encryption or security measure to ensure the information is stored safely.

SkTorrent is just one of many web services today that failed to enforce strong and proper information security, and because of their lack of attention to security, their user information has been stolen. Now, the account holders have to pay the price for using SkTorrent by having their information exposed somewhere in the Internet.

Everyone should take more caution when browsing the web. Make sure that the domain is safe and that the domain can be trusted.

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Have You Been Hacked?