Snapchat is no stranger to compromised security, but the most recent breach wasn’t directed at the app’s millions of users. In late February 2016, a phishing email was sent to an employee in the payroll department, claiming to be Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. It was simple human error that the email was ultimately opened by the payroll employee, who trusted that it was actually Spiegel sending the email. Ultimately, the payroll department employee provided the email sender the information requested.

Roughly 700 current and former employees information was given out, but Snapchat is being tight lipped about what exactly was leaked. Payroll information can include Social Security numbers, bank information, addresses, and other personal information. The phishing scam was quickly detected, according to the statement posted on a Snapchat blog, and was reported to the FBI. The phishing scam did not infiltrate Snapchat’s system and compromise any other information.

This follows the attack on Snapchat in January 2014, in which over four million users had their information published in a database, including usernames and phone numbers. Apparently the breach occurred due to a hack to the social media website’s API. Snapchat apologized for the recent breach and has promised to up their already bolstered security to keep further incidents from occurring.

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