Spotify may have suffered a security breach as hundreds of users’ sensitive account information has been disclosed on the anonymous text file sharing site Pastebin. Information such as email address, password, account type and username are among some of the data leaked. After reaching out to some of the victims via email, TechCrunch reports that some users reported that their accounts were compromised. These users reported abnormalities with their accounts that include songs saved to the profile that were not added, change of email address and even having their songs disrupted mid-streaming from unwanted users accessing their accounts.

Spotify denied the hack to TechCrunch.

In a statement to TechCrunch, a Spotify spokesperson claimed that,

Spotify has not been hacked and our user records are secure. We monitor Pastebin and other sites regularly. When we find Spotify credentials, we first verify that they are authentic, and if they are, we immediately notify affected users to change their passwords.

Since Spotify has dealt with security breaches before in the past, there is the possibility that this information comes from a previous compromise. Overall, if you have a Spotify account, it is recommended that you change your password immediately. The divulged information includes accounts from users all over the globe.

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